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Medical Billing, Coding and Practice Management


A Full Service Medical Billing and Coding Company
Dedicated to a High Quality, Customized Service



Revenue Cycle Management

Demographic and Insurance Data Entry

Medical Billing Claim Entry

Certified Medical Coding

Patient Customer Service 

Patient Payment Services

Patient Statements

Posting of Insurance and Patient Payments

Denial Follow up

Claim Appeals

Provider Enrollment and Credentialing

Financial Reporting

Take the financial matters out of your office
and get back into the practice of medicine.

We have developed a streamlined system dedicated to prompt and accurate claims submission. Our follow-up methods are extensive and professionally aggressive, maximizing insurance reimbursement. We specialize in insurance appeals and we often recover revenue many physicians lose. 

We review each encounter for possible missed codes, ensuring you receive the highest possible reimbursement. We’ve recovered thousands of dollars in lost revenue from missed codes.


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